The Mormones: Dra til hælvete

MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with The Mormones's second album 'Dra til hælvete'

The Mormones - Dra Til Hælvette

“Dra til hælvete” is Norwegian for “go to hell”. The Mormones who wish you there are not citizens of Utah but rather from the small Norwegian town of Lillehammer, best known for hosting the 94’ winter Olympics.

These Mormones have decided on a very limited array of means to be utilized in their gospel: drums and bass, in addition, of course, to some very high octane driven singing. The idea seems to be to sound as much like a 68 Pontiac GTO as possible, the Mormone’s favourite thing in the world.

So this is a minimalist punk band, churning out a bizarre red-neck message at the maximum RPM, and it must be said: who would have thought a bass could sound like this? The poor, overdriven bass guitar sounds like a legion of conventional ones through walls of Marshalls, delivering riffs so hard and dirty they fume. And behind the drums attack without repose and the listener is kicked, kicked, kicked.

The singing sneers and barks and delivers its imbecile message with much conviction:
Yes The Mormones are juvenile red-necks with army special force muscle; their gift to music is both hilarious and pretty goddamn igniting!

A live favourite the duo are becoming something of a cult entity; promising their audience a chance for some extra crude hedonism.

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