Kenneth Sivertsen - Biography

Kenneth Sivertsen

Kenneth Sivertsen was born in 1961 in the coastal village of Mosterhamn. Largely self-taught, he also briefly studied guitar with Torbjørn Wiberg and Arild Hansson, and composition with Magnar Åm.

Working as a free-lance musician, he toured extensively as a guitarist with various ensembles, but devoted a good deal of his time to composition. His first Symphony, "Håp", was performed by the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra in November 1984, and his second symphony, "Timeglaset og Morgonstjerna" in 1989. He also received commissions to compose for amongst others, Rikskonsetene (NorConcert), the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, the Carte Blache Ballett group, and the Trondheim String Orchestra.

Sivertsen performed and wrote within various genre, from Folk-music to Pop, Rock and Jazz and consistantly chose to work within a broad spectrum refusing to specialize in any particular style, even though he was possibly best known as Folk-Singer and Jazz musician, having released a Jazz recording "Remember North", produced by Mike Manieri which received excellent criticism in both American and German Jazz magazines. Illustrative of Sivertsens defiance of any particular style, and multi-dimentional talent, is the fact that he recorded a pop album the year after his jazz release, followed up by performing with a cabaret group, and then composed music commissioned by a ballet company.

Sivertsen also performed as a revue artist, and collaborated on the musical score for a film.

Kenneth Sivertsen died on December 24 2006.

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