Mathias Eick Quintet wins the BMW Welt Jazz Award 2012

Jazz trumpeter/multi-instrumentalist Mathias Eick and his Quintet take home the coveted BMW Welt Jazz Award 2012

On Saturday night, may 5, the Mathias Eick Quintet played, performed and competed for and eventually won the BMW Welt Jazz Award in Munich, Germany. After having reached the finals of the concert series, the Norwegian trumpet player and his ensemble had a play-off with the spanish Aurora Trio.

According to the german newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, writing about the victory under the headline “Victory to the favourite”, there was no doubt in the minds of neither the jury nor the public. Mathias Eick Quintet were the winners of this year’s Award, including a coveted prize sum of € 10 000.

The Mathias Eick Quartet consists of the trumpeter himself, Andreas Ulvo, piano, Audun Erlien, bass, Torstein Lofthus, drums and Gard Nilssen, drums.

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