Lasse Marhaug

The prolific and influential noise artist Lasse Marhaug releases the Lasse Marhaug Tapes 1990-1999 on his new label Pica Disc.

Lasse Marhaug - All Ears 2005

Marhaug is definitely one of the defining forces and protagonists of Norwegian noise music. From an early age he indulged in the obscure and disturbing fringes of music and sound, and he has been a pioneer in the field, recognized as such in Norway and Abroad. Projects and collaborations include Jazzkammer, Rishaug Marhaug, Duo with Frode Gjerstad, Duo with Maja Ratkje, Duo with Paal Nilsen-Love and many others. He is also a driving force behind many noise music/noise art festivals and events. He is frequently touring, at home and abroad, and along with the small but highly regarded group of Norwegian noise artists he continually pushes the delimitations and delineations of music and art. Lasse Marhaug’s conceptions of noise music entail diverse collaborations across the line of artistic expressions.

The 47 tracks that constitute Pica Disc’s first release are taken from Marhaug’s cassette releases in the nineties. The material encompasses many different projects and collaborations -too numerous to list- as well as solo work in different phases. He writes of the release:

“After a looong time in the planning, I can finally announce that I'm starting a new label: Pica Disk! The first release is a 4 CD box-set; a selection of material culled from my beloved cassette tape releases in the 90-ies. Needless to say this is a rather special release for me and I'm very pleased with the final results (it has been some 2 years in the making) and I hope you will enjoy it too.”

Incidentally, Marhaug’s 2004 record “The sound of Rock to come” was voted #19 on the daily newspaper Dagsavisen’s current listing of the 30 best Norwegian albums of all time. Such a remarkably high ranking for such a remarkably un-soothing and uncompromising record really says something of the content of Marhaug’s work and the status he enjoys among the noise-enlightened.

Others, be it with admiration or disgust, will agree with this anonymous description on the web:
“It sounds like the speakers are broken, or that they are about to if you don’t remove the disc from the player.”

This summer Marhaug will do a series of concerts with Puma; starting this Friday (June 15th) in Oslo and visiting jazz festivals and venues around the country. Later on, as summer turns to fall, he will tour GB with the incongruous outfit Jazzkammer.

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