Susanna Wallumrød: Sonata Mix Dwarf Cosmos

International reviews for Susanna Wallumrød’s solo debut 'Sonata Mix Dwarf Cosmos' confirm that this is an artist of truly international format.

Susanna & The Magical Orchestra - klipp fra videoen Love Will Tear Us Apart (regi: Kim Hiorthøy)

Well acquainted with rave reviews from international critics for her efforts with Morten Qvenild in Susanna and the Magical Orchestra it must still be a fantastic experience for a young artists, who navigates the most fragile spheres of musical expression, to have the language reiterated with her first solo release.

Here are some samples:

“She’s crafted 12 songs of skeletal and dolorous, hoar-frosted beauty possessed of an extraordinary understated power. (BBC)

Sonata Mix Dwarf Cosmos is a hauntingly beautiful album that proves emotional deapth and breadth can be created with the simplest of lyrics, and the purest, most spacious musical landscapes. (Allaboutjazz)

This latest offering tears at the heart strings once more, positioning Wallumrød somewhere between Bjørk and Joni Mitchell. In the current climate of bland female songstresses, Wallumrød stands out as the real deal. (Flux)

A quite lovely and haunting piece...the album floats on a bed of emotion.
(Record Collector)

..Gorgeous and penetrating. (New York Times)

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