Elisabeth Dingstad and the Berliner Philharmoniker

As the first Norwegian ever the young violinist Elisabeth Dingstad was accepted to the Karajan Academy in Berlin in 2006. The institution is perhaps the most prestigious school in the world for aspiring orchestra musicians, and its graduates are secured tenure in the world’s leading orchestras.

Elisabeth Dingstad (Risør kammermusikkfest)

Primarily the Academy recruits new musicians to the Berliner Philharmoniker itself; perhaps the best orchestra in the world, led by the legendary Herbert von Karajan for more than 30 years. Together with the Wiener Philharmoniker it is indeed in a league of its own; the champion’s league, as Elisabeth puts it in a recent interview with the Norwegian daily Aftenposten.

As part of her education she has been playing with the orchestra for more than a year; completing 131 concerts. This fall her final examination recitals are due, the formal examination that decides whether she will be taken up as a professional member of the orchestra.

Last night Elisabeth was among the 130 musicians form the Berliner Philharmoniker who spellbound the audience in Oslo’s new Opera house.
-Every single musician plays on an extremely high level and everyone displays almost explosive energy and will. To play with them is a dream; in fact being admitted to the Karajan Academy was the dream of my life. Now I play all the time, ten hours a day, and I’m really living the dream, says Elisabeth.

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