Ungdomskulen head out on US tour

Norwegian Post Punkers Ungdomskulen is gearing up for their first major tour of the Land of the Free following the release of their first full length album Cry Baby in 2007.

Ungdomskulen (Cry Baby)

Their trip to the U.S. is merely a ripple in the pond, though, of their massive touring schedule which will have them on the road for three months before they again can set foot in their hometown of Bergen, Norway.

Ungdomskulen first got together in 2000, and after a series of name changes and side projects, they released Surf's Up, their first 7", in 2004. In the fall of 2007, Ungdomskulen visited the U.S. during the CMJ Music Marathon, and are making their return to New York to the exact same venue, exactly three months since they last visited.

If left to describe their music for themselves, they would say their sound is founded on bass, drums and guitar. Taken individually, the drum beats seem inspired by the city, the bass is syncopated and sonic, and the jazz-like guitar sounds as if it’s possessed by rock demons. And finally, there’s a light but authoritative male vocal on top.

Listen to Ungdomskulen tracks on their MySpace site.

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