Enslaved: Isa

MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Enslaved's 'Isa'

Enslaved: Isa (cover)

‘Isa’ is the crowning of a long and successful career. Enslaved has been a mainstay of the Norwegian metal scene since the early 90s and has released no less than eight albums to date. ‘Isa’ adds more progressive elements to the band’s take on black metal with creative use of keys and more complex harmonies. Vocalist Grutle Kjellson’s voice cuts through the wall of guitars, keys and double bass drums with authority and aggression to deliver lines like: ‘For ages we have wandered under the wings of deception. Too long have we been waiting for the long winter to end.’ The mood is dark and aggressive as all good black-metal records should be, and good it is; ‘Isa’ is a record that deserves a wider audience than the typical extreme metal crowd.

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