Oslo Chamber Choir: Kyst

MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Oslo Chamber Choir's 'Kyst'

Oslo Chamber Choir: Kyst (cover)

Oslo Kammerkor (Oslo chamber choir) is among the leading choirs in Norway. Here they present a collection of profoundly beautiful and moving arrangements of a number of selected Swedish and Norwegian songs. Selected in the way of being milestones in Scandinavian song writing, but chosen also for the common theme of praising the coastline and the coastal culture. Hence the album title is simply “coast” in three languages. This subject matter holds a special grasp on those acquainted with it; a mysterious, both enchanting and haunting property of deep inarticulate meaning and lure. It is these swirls of longing, recollection and deep belonging that is captured masterfully in the songs of e.g. Evert Taube. And it is the same qualities that Oslo chamber choir successfully convey on this record. Due, in large part, to the hypnotic arrangements by Gunnar Erikson, the subtle conduction of Grete Babbel and the dreamlike qualities of the soloist and instruments.

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