Urban Connection: UC 3

MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Urban Connection's 'UC 3'

Urban Connection: UC3 (cover)

This young and vital trio features some of Norwegian jazz’ strongest names: saxophonist Frode Nymo, bassist Steinar Raknes and drummer Håkon Johansen. Their take on modern Konitzesque jazz is highly integral and utterly convincing on their third full-length outing ‘UC 3’. Bassist Raknes is not only able to swing and solo, he writes strong tunes with challenging harmonic and rhythmic twists that keep the listener on his toes throughout the recording. The trio’s international career is also in the shaping as evidenced by recent tours to England, Canada, Japan, China, Nepal, South Africa and the Baltic countries. The tight interplay and exuberant joy displayed on this album makes it a true must listen.

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