Den Store Norske Gitarkvartett

Den store norske gitarkvartett (2006)

Den Store Norske Gitarkvartett (The Great Norwegian Guitar Quartet) features, as the title implies, four guitarists that join forces with the intention of solidifying the guitar’s role in Norwegian folk music. Having spent years accompanying Norwegian folk music’s premier division of fiddlers, singers and accordionists, guitarists Annar By, Vidar Skrede, Øystein Sandbukt and Tore Bruvoll decided to step into the center stage’s spotlight together – guitars in hand. DSNG is nothing short of Norwegian folk music’s first guitar ensemble, armed to their teeth with a wide array of instruments that sport virtually every imaginable shape, colour, tuning and string count. A typical DSNG gig is wildly varied and can feature Annar By playing Rhineland dances on a vintage Fender Telecaster, Øystein Sandbukt finger-picking traditional dances, Vidar Skrede swinging on a twelve-string while Tore Bruvoll waltzes away with the bottleneck.

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