99 Minutes #16 Folkelarm special

Folkelarm, the autumn’s key event on the folk music scene is fast approaching. We celebrate the vibrant festival and music industry event with a ’99 Minutes’ webcast solely devoted to the acts scheduled to perform at Folkelarm.

99 Minutes Program 16 110919 by MIC Norway

September 29 marks the start of Folkelarm and the latest ’99 Minutes’ webcast is in its entirety devoted to the upcoming Oslo event and features guests Fiona Talkington, tireless champion of Norwegian music and BBC Radio Three’s popular Late Junction programme host, as well as fiddler Aslak Brimi who constitutes one half of celebrated duo Viken/Brimi, scheduled to perform at Folkelarm’s showcase segment.
With a ’99 Minutes’ playlist that includes tracks by Aasmund Nordstoga, Jorun Marie Kvernberg, Camilla Granlien, Jan Beitohaugen Granli, Nils Økland, Ragnhild Furebotten,Agnes Buen Garnås & Jan Garbarek, Kim Rysstad, Ragnhild Hemsing, Ugagn, Vrang, Sudan Dudan, Aslak O. Brimi/Erlend Viken, Elika/Solo/Rafael, Arto Järvela, Nordic Tree, Anti Paalaanen, Harv, Navarra and Faela, DJ 99 has created the ultimate sonic backdrop for the upcoming Folkelarm showcase festival and music industry convention. The webcast, which features a mix of the Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish acts on the festival roster, is a taster of what the audience can expect ranging from pure traditional Hardanger fiddle tunes to a-capella vocal perfection and folk/jazz crossover.

Folkelarm is a key Nordic music industry convention which aims at promoting acts from the Scandinavian folk music scene for domestic as well as international music industry execs and media representatives. The inaugural Folkelarm festival was held in 2005 and since then the event has been held annually. The event is owned and managed by the Norwegian Traditional Music and Dance Association and the Norwegian National Association for Folk Music.

A major goal of Folkelarm has been to promote folk music acts for a domestic as well as international folk and world music industry, but in parallel to this, the event has always been an event open for the general audience, resulting in what could only be described as a vibrant festival and a true audience success. Artists from the Nordic countries can apply for a showcase slot at Folkelarm, and a jury selects the artists based on a set of criteria established by Norway’s traditional music and dance organizations. Priority is given to acts that can be seen as viable for international careers.

In addition to the showcases, Folkelarm is a key meeting place for Norwegian and international world- and folk music industry execs. In recent years, Folkelarm has drawn app 50 international delegates from over 20 countries in addition to more than 100 domestic delegates. Folkelarm organizes seminars and workshops, as well as separate events tailored for the various music industry representatives.
Full run-down of performers and event schedules can be found on Folkelarm.no


Theme song: TøyenIndia Pindia
Aasmund NordstogaMaren i Myra
Jorun Marie KvernbergThomasklokkene
Camilla GranlienHerr Ola
Jan Beitohaugen GranliOkshovdspringar på låg bas
Nils ØklandMønster
Ragnhild FurebottenEn Ganske Snill Mann
Agnes Buen Garnås & Jan GarbarekInnferd
Kim RysstadDin Skjønne Datter
Ragnhild HemsingHilme-Hallingen
UgagnGuten Min
Sudan DudanSvein Svane
Aslak O. Brimi / Erlend VikenBiløygard
Aslak O. Brimi / Erlend VikenGammelsteinomen
Aslak O. Brimi / Erlend VikenSkålhallingar
Arto Järvela
Nordic Tree
Anti PaalaanenBreathe
NavarraDagen är på sin väg
FaelaNa Baia

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DJ 99, aka Guttorm Andreasen, has worked as a presenter, DJ, reporter and producer at the national Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation for 16 years, from 1992 to 2008 during which he hosted a wide range of programmes ranging from popular children’s shows, cutting-edge music programmes at the youth channels as well as culture and arts programmes on national TV. From 2003 to 2006 he produced 702 editions of the multi-rhythmic daily programme Wasabi on the NRK P2 channel. Up to 200,000 people would tune in daily on the complete genre-free blend of Swedish funk, Jamaican tango, Belarusian electro, Nigerian jazz, Venezuelan rock, Danish cumbia, Norwegian and Chinese jungle techno ... and virtually every imaginable genre in between! DJ 99 has performed in a wide range of settings ranging from the Sónar Festival in Barcelona to a small bar on the edge of a Serbian village. In 2007 he was one of only three selected DJs to play at the major music industry WOMEX festival in Seville. In 2005 he reached the finals of the International World Beat DJ Competition in London.


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