A strong year for the Norwegian music industry

The undisputed winner on the Norwegian music market is domestic repertoire. Norwegian acts have strengthened their grip on the home market with a 32% increase in volume in 2004 compared to the previous year.

Annual sales figures - domestic repertoire 1988 -2004

The 2004 summary from the Association of Norwegian Record Distributors offers facts that are will be welcomed by domestic acts. The sales figures for last year show that sales of domestic repertoire have increased with as much as 32% in volume and 27% in value compared to 2003. This makes 2004 a record year for domestic acts, only surpassed by the all-time high sales experienced in 1994. The domestic percentage landed at 25% - a 5% improvement compared to 2003 and a vast improvement considering the all time low experienced in 2000 with a 17% stake of the market for domestic acts.

Total phonogram sales ended at 14,3 million units that generated a revenue amounting NOK 923m ($ 147,8m/€ 112,5m). This makes for a 3% increase in volume and a stable value level.

In 2004 a total of 13,2 million albums (incl. CD, MC/LP, SACD and DVD-A) were sold on the Norwegian market. This represents a 6% increase in volume.

Singles sales ended at 800 000 in 2004 – a decline of 21% in volume compared to 2003.

300 000 music DVDs were sold in 2004 – a decrease of 21% in volume compared to the previous year.

These were the 2004 market shares:
Universal 23,4%
EMI Recorded Music 20,3%
Sony 13,5%
Warner 11%
BMG 8,7%
Bonnier Amigo 6,1%
Tuba 3,3%
Bare Bra / Tylden 2,9%
Master Music /Naxos 2,6%
MO 2,5%
Playground 2,4%
VME 2,4%
KKV 0,9%

December 2004 was also blessed with clear market growth. Total phonogram sales were up 12% in volume and 6% in value compared to the previous year. CD albums were up 15% in volume and 8% in value, singles down 23% in volume and 26% in value while DVD music continues its downward trend being down 13% in volume and 23% in value compared to 2003.

These were the market shares in December 2004:
Universal 22%
EMI Recorded Music 19,8%
Sony 18,9%
Warner 11,3%
BMG 7,7%
Bonnier Amigo 6,2%
MO 3,4%
KKV 2,1%
Master Music /Naxos 2%
Tuba 1,8%
Bare Bra / Tylden 1,8%
VME 1,5%
Playground 1,4%

The total turnover in December 2004 was NOK 123,9m ($19,8m /€ 15,1m).

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