Honningbarna: live action in the UK, Ireland, Sweden and Denmark in March/April 2012
Photo: Thomas Olsen, Berlinkontoret

Touring action for Honningbarna

One of 2011’s Newcomers of the Year, hard-hitting outfit Honningbarna head out on an UK/Ireland/Denmark tour in March and April.

Described by Clash.com as 'Norway's most exciting new band' and winners of best rock category at this year’s Norwegian Grammy awards, Honningbarna are set to tour the UK, Ireland and Denmark in late March/April.

Fronted by a cello-bashing singer who looks like he has just played a round of golf, the teen punk five-piece released their debut album “La Alarmane Gå” in March 2011 to a strong critical response, before going on to land over twenty festival slots across Norway, Denmark, Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany and Iceland.

Just over a year after their first public appearance, Honningbarna won the Norwegian broadcasting company’s annual upcoming band competition Årets Urørt. Now, after legendary shows at by:Larm 2011, a month’s release tour for their album, and some and twenty festival shows in Norway and Denmark this summer, Honningbarna’s success has escalated far beyond anyone’s expectations. Masses have towered up everywhere they’ve played, and response has been overwhelming.

2011 also saw Honningbarna winning the Norwegian equivalent to the Grammy, the Spellemannsprisen in the category rock in 2012, and was also nominated as Newcomer Of The Year.

- Among the other international highlights were Norwegian teenage punk sensations Honningbarna, fronted by an enjoyably intense cello-playing singer.
Olaf Furniss, The Scotsman, from Iceland Airwaves 2011

- Then, a panzer division in the shape of Norwegian band Honningbarna take to the stage. These guys are simply incredible.
Emmett Mullaney, State Magazine, from KEX @ Iceland Airwaves 2011

- Honningbarna are probably among the best acts to see in the flesh, as their youthful exuberance rarely leaves their shows lacking any punch or vigour. Luke Slater, Drowned In Sound, from Pstereo 2011

- …the teenagers storm through a vicious set, frontman Edward Valberg a convulsive mixture of Paul Weller and Ian Curtis.
Wyndham Wallace, The Quietus, from Pstereo 2011

Easily our favourite band at Eurosonic 2012. Fast, furious and fiery Norwegian punk rock from a bunch of wild-eyed yahoos who had all the right moves and sterling tunes too. Few will forget their demonic frontman in his blue jumper wielding a cello like a machine-gun in a hurry.
Jim Carroll, from Eurosonic 2012

"Well I’m a man that has seen a some punkrock bands in his time and some rock and roll bands in his time, and let me tell you: One of the finest I've seen in many, many years is Honningbarna." Vic Galloway, BBC Radio Scotland.

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Honningbarna: live action in the UK, Ireland, Sweden and Denmark in March/April 2012


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