Norwegian/Finnish folk ensemble head out on US/Canadian tour

This week sees Norwegian/Finnish folk music outfit Frigg heading out on a lengthy tour of Canada and the US.

Frigg live 2007

Frigg fuse influences from folk music in Finland’s Kaustinen and Norway’s Nord-Trøndelag regions into a powerful mix played by regular and Hardanger fiddles, viola, harmonium, cittern, mandolin, bagpipes, guitars and underpinned by a solid double bass. The multitude of strings weave a rich canvas of Pan-Nordic and aesthetic folk music with a strong contemporary edge that has found a receptive audience in the US and Canada, an audience that the outfit is set to return to for the second time this April and May.

Frigg has toured extensively in the Nordic countries during the last six years and has also performed at festivals and clubs in France and Austria.

The outfit has released two albums to date, their self-titled 2002 debut and 2005’s ‘Keidas-Oasis-Oase’.

The Norwegian contingent of Frigg is made up of highly skilled and well-educated Hardanger Fiddlers Gjermund Larsen (also a member of one of Norwegian folk music’s top ensembles; Majorstuen) and Einar Olav Larsen.

Frigg’s extensive US/Canadian tour kicks off on 14th of April and lasts until 25th of May. Tour dates and venue info can be found below.

Listen to Frigg tracks on their MySpace site.

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