Nattjazz 2007 Gallery - Part 2

2007 marks Bergen's Nattjazz Festival's 35th anniversary. Courtesy of photograper Eirik Lande, MIC captures the ambiance of the concerts held last week in Bergen.

All photos: Erik Lande
Ane Brun, Nattjazz Bergen  2007 (Foto: Eirik Lande) (444x555)

Ane Brun’s Nattjazz performance included guest artists DMF String Quartet, Staffan Johansson and Nina Kinert.

Caroline Henderson, Nattjazz Bergen  2007 (Foto: Eirik Lande) (346x550)

Danish vocalist Caroline Henderson performed at the Sardinen venue, playing a set of classic Billie Holiday tunes.

Karl Seglem, Nattjazz Bergen  2007 (Foto: Eirik Lande) (500x481)

Karl Seglem’s live performances include such exotic instruments as goat’s horns as well as the more traditional tenor sax. In the background one can spot Håkon Høgemo playing the Hardanger fiddle and Helge Nordbakken on percussion.

Mungolian Jetset, Nattjazz Bergen  2007 (Foto: Eirik Lande) (368x555)

Pål ’Strangefruit’ Nyhus’ beat-impro concept Mungolian Jet Set featured a troupe of dancers at their Nattjazz gig.

Supersonic Rocketship, Nattjazz Bergen  2007 (Foto: Eirik Lande) (500x335)

Saxophonist Jørgen Mathisen of Supersonic Rocketship. The other members of the quartet are Even H. Hermansen (guitars), Ola Høyer (bass) and Dag Erik Knedal Andersen (drums and ukulele).

The Core, Nattjazz Bergen  2007 (Foto: Eirik Lande) (500x335)

The Core in total Coltrane ecstasy. From left Steinar Raknes and Kjetil Møster. Additional members include Erlend Slettevoll on piano and Espen Aalberg on drums.

The Thing, Nattjazz Bergen  2007 (Foto: Eirik Lande) (368x550)

Mats Gustafsson (closest), Ingebrigt Håker Flaten (bass) and Paal Nilssen-Love caught in an uncharacteristic quiet modus during their split-gig with Italian act Zu.

Check out more of Eirk Lande's photography on his own site.

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