Röyksopp premieres new track

Signs of life from the Röyksopp camp – a brand new (and free) track is ready to download from the electronika duo’s web-site.

Röyksopp 2008 birthday

According to Röyksopp’s official web-site, the successful electronika duo celebrates its birthday on Dec 15th by giving away a free track, the aptly titled Happy Birthday.

The pulsating and throbbing piece is definitely classic Röyksoppesque in its appearance giving a hint at things to come in the next year. A new album has been promised for a while now – hopefully the two knob-twiddling studio stalwarts will be releasing a follow up to 2005’s ‘The Understanding’.

A new and revamped web-site is scheduled for a January ’09 launch.

Happy Birthday is now available as a free download from www.royksopp.com.

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