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Six Cups of Rebel

Lindstrøm heads out on a string of US/Canadian live dates in May in support of album ‘Six Cups of Rebel’

Norwegian space-disco master Hans-Peter Lindstrøm returns to North America in late May with a string of live dates in the US and Canada in support of his new full-length album, ‘Six Cups of Rebel’, out now on Smalltown Supersound.

The last time we heard from Lindstrøm, he was being remixed by Todd Rundgren for an 12” of album track “Quiet Place to Live.” More remixes for digital and vinyl release are forthcoming from such notables as Owen Pallett, Oneohtrix Point Never and Rub N Thug. Now, Lindstrøm is busy promoting the new single from ‘Six Cups of Rebel’, the aptly titled De Javu:

Six Cups of Rebel sees Lindstrøm take an unexpected sharp left turn from the production style people expect from him.

“Lindstrøm’s Six Cups of Rebel finds the Swedish producer indulging in maximal cosmic-disco machinations, with dazzling results. The lavish production style approaches some of the extravagances of prime ’70s prog rock; the opening track, ‘No Release,’ for instance, rivals Vangelis and Mike Oldfield for spine-tingling suspensefulness and grandiose melodiousness. And ‘Call Me Anytime’ is as mind-bogglingly complex as anything on an early-’70s Yes or Gentle Giant LP.”- The Stranger

Lindstrøm is not your average electronic producer and musician. He is classically trained in piano and loves his Mozart and Grieg; he does not care about commercializing his music as he notoriously makes songs too long for radio play as he told The Daily Swarm, ‘it’s easy to press record and suddenly have twenty minutes of a song! It’s hard to say, “Maybe I should stop now!” ’; and he does not have a romantic relationship to music, “to me, music is more like doing homework than waiting for divine intervention”.

Hans- Petter finds music from the past to be far more inspirational than most new electronic music. Boney M has followed him since he first found a cassette with their first album on a side walk at the age of eight, and in Lydverket, a music program on the Norwegian state brocading channel NRK, Lindstrøm featured in a Queen special were he talked about his fascination for the band’s timeless and universal sound. Although he brings with him older references in his own music, innovation has become somewhat of a trademark for Lindstøm as he always bringing new elements to each album. Bands like Radiohead, Animal Collective and Björk- known for their creativity and forward thinking are therefore great inspirational forces and loved by our producer.

“…[Lindstrøm] treats sounds like the final frontier, always searching the far corners of his musical influences and his imagination, and pouring the discoveries into his epic productions.” – Time Out Chicago

“…synth-driven grooves that feel communal and cosmic at the same time…” – SPIN

“Lindstrøm’s songs sound more infused with the heartbeat of a live band than ever before. He draws bright lines between his own familiar disco territory and the parallel universe of ‘70s funk.” – Coke Machine Glow

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