Lorraine debuts on UK singles charts

Much anticipation surrounds the release of BMG UK act Lorraine’s second album this autumn. Things are looking positive for the Bergen trio which is steadily climbing the UK singles charts with their latest single.

Lorraine 2006

This week sees Norwegian trio Lorraine entering the UK singles charts with their ‘I Feel It’, currently no. 29. The Bergen act recently signed to BMG UK, having been previously on the roster of Norwegian indie Rec 90 through which they released their debut album; 2003’s ‘The Perfect Cure’. Their upcoming second album is one of the year’s most anticipated releases, and much is expected of the vibrant trio which could be poised for a major international break.

Lorraine are Ole Gunnar Gundersen (24, vocals), Anders Winsents (24, guitar) and Paal Myran Haaland (23, keyboards, programming). Their drummer is a little black box which does exactly what it’s told. Between them the members’ personal influences range from New Order, Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode to Kasabian, The Smiths and The Stone Roses, so it’s no surprise that Lorraine’s own music sounds like it should come with ‘Your new favourite band’ stamped across every CD.

Says Lorraine’s Paal Myran Haaland on the band’s upcoming album: “Our songs mix reality and unreality.” Many of Lorraine’s songs are based on dreams; Ole believes that only in dreams are we completely honest and unfettered by often unfairly imposed moral and social codes. “It’s about articulating the thoughts in your head,”

“We’ve had some kind of trip into another world making this album,” continues Paal. “We’re all about big atmosphere, big sounds, big songs. We always wanted everything to be very big.”

Lorraine’s next single is Transatlantic Flight.

This week also sees Lorraine playing a mini UK tour with gigs in London, Manchester, York and Winchester beginning on Fri 21 April.

Lorraine’s second album is scheduled for release this autumn on Sony BMG UK.

Lorraine’s MySpace site can be found here.

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