Nordic Council Music Prize nominees

Magne Hegdal and Ole-Henrik Moe nominated for the 2012 Nordic Council Music Prize.

The Nordic Council Music Prize for creative and practical music was established in 1965 and was originally awarded every third year to a composer from one of the Nordic countries. Since 1990 the prize has been awarded every year alternately to a living composer and to individual artists or groups. In 1997 the autonomous territories, the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland were granted permission to make their own nominations for the prize. The Music Prize is usually awarded with the other Nordic prizes during the Nordic Council annual general assembly, the Session, in the autumn at a special ceremony.

The Norwegian nominees for 2012 are:

Magne Hegdal: Stort sett

"Stort sett" for violin and piano presents different approaches to composition: from an immediate emotional expression to music that the composer receives more that he creates. What first appears to be a twelve-tone universe manifests itself after each reference to other music - Beethoven, Schumann, Cage, Grieg, traditional music. Rather than outdistanced quotes these stand out as strong memories. Remembering, collecting and rediscovering becomes important, both here and in the long precursors which are directly composed. With Hegdal coincidence as a tool is closely connected to experiencing nature or looking at a landscape. "Stort sett" means a wide perspective, an indication of time (often but not always) but also a set. The latter can point towards other works which give a different view of composing, such as CPE Bach's Sechs Sammlungen... or Ives' A Set of Pieces

Magne Hegdal, born in 1944, received his degree in composition from Oslo Music Conservatory in 1972. More info HERE.

Ole-Henrik Moe: Vent Litt Lenger

Vent Litt Lenger poses a challenge to one of the most sacred spaces in classical music, the string quartet. The work was written for the Arditti Quartet, an institution in music composition in our time. Moe goes into the anatomy of the violin, which is also his own instrument. He searches the body of the violin for subtle sounds in the space between tone and noise, levels of density and transition from the clear to the rough. The precursors can seem improvised but are precisely noted, often in several parallel grammars. But no matter how precisely defined this universe is, the human touch is always present. The music has been described as post spectral noise music and, both in his own experience and in artistic collaboration, the composer combines precise composition with traditional music and the electronic noise music tradition.

Ole-Henrik Moe, born in 1966, renowned composer, improvisor and performer. More info HERE.

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