Norway’s first music download service,, has lifted all DRM protection on its catalogue of almost 100 000 songs, which will now be available in Mp3 format.

Musikkonline - screenshot

By lifting the DRM protection, Phonofile, the company behind musiconline, wishes to cater to more customers, including Mac-users who have hitherto been barred from the service.

The reason for the change of policy is the stagnation of technological development on the DRM (Digital Rights Management) field, says Phonofile boss, Erik Brataas. We’ve come to realise that the system simply was not satisfactory, and that many were using DRM as justification for not downloading legally. Brataas thinks that the new solution is good news for both consumers and rights owners, who have adopted a much more positive attitude to lifting the protection than before, and as such an important step in the struggle against piracy.

The download service can be trialled by clicking on the "listen and buy" button at the top of this page.

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