Alog: Miniatures

MIC's new Listen to Norway series kicks off with Alog's Miniatures

Alog - Miniatures

Alog’s third album neatly stitches sounds birthed inside a computer with live instruments and field recordings. The duo’s unusual instrumentation is again at the heart of their unique sound: vibes, harmonium and various toys join the array of acoustic and electric guitars and electronic treatments. Each Alog track is its own small world with its own internal logic, and this album collects nine good one without a single dud. ‘Miniatures’ is heart-warming generous, moving and tender – bringing a solid dose of warmth and humanity to an otherwise cold and non-organic music scene. The deeply melodic ‘Miniatures’ is both more diverse and coarser-grained than your run-of-the-mill electronica and is undoubtedly the celebrated duo’s strongest outing to date.

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