Kate Havnevik with Air at Madison Square Gardens

Norwegian singer and songwriter Kate Havnevik is currently touring North America supporting Air, the French duo responsible for some of the most deliciously dreamy parts of this young millennium’s soundtrack.

Kate Havnevik 2007

Tonight (May 10th.) the tour reaches its terminus; the Theatre at Madison Sq. Gardens in New York. The name rings out as one of the most celebrated venues in the whole world and this constellation of “room and air”, says something of the position Havnevik is approaching in the musical world. Already long before her long-play debut she had been working with lots of defining artists of the influential scene in London and she has been making a huge impression also in the "new" world of music on the web. (With sky-high myspace visitation and impressive download sales) Over the past year she has been making it all "real"; taking her celebrated art into the traditional spheres of music; record releases and live concerts.

Her album Melankton was released in the states on March 27th. It has been hailed for its haunting moods; grandeur and tranquillity beautifully interlaced, guided by Havnevik’s unique voice. -A voice already familiar to millions of people, albeit unconsciously perhaps, due to her recurring musical appearances on the TV hit series Gray’s Anatomy. Supporting Air undoubtedly constitutes a great opportunity for Havnevik to rekindle this love for her songs, in live version. Her focus on the American market is facilitated by what she herself calls “a dream team” of partners, which includes a licensing agreement with Universal Republic Records. And it is emphasised by her recent relocation to NYC from her previous long-term base London.

The future looks bright for Kate Havnevik. And as she says goodbye to Air after tonight’s show in the Guildhall of New York, it must be with a justified feeling of having made a huge leap.

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