by:Larm 2008 acts announced

This week saw Norwegian music industry event by:Larm announcing the showcasing acts for next year.

by:Larm, logo 2008

The ever more important music convention by:Larm is breaking its inaugural promise never to opt for Oslo as a host city. In 2008 it will take place in the capital for the first time in its eleven years of existence.

At the inception, the main objective of by:Larm was to give a boost to the music scenes in cities around the country and taking all the buzz out of Oslo was an integral point. Now the situation has changed, argue the administrators, and the time is ripe for Oslo to be allowed to display its hugely diverse and vibrant local musical landscape. Unlike the other major cities in Norway there is no unified scene in Oslo, therefore it is all the more important to bring an event like by:Larm to the capital and let the hugely active environment stand forth.

This week saw by:Larm announcing the first 40 acts scheduled to play showcases at the music industry event. In a press statement issued this week, by:Larm declares that the nation’s live stages are over populated by middle-aged male artists. by:Larm’s intention is to rival these well established artists with a selection of young and eager talent.

Says Head of by:Larm Live Runar Eggesvik: “It’s about time that the old veterans get some serious competition, and this year’s acts have the necessary qualities to make themselves heard in the years to come. The jury have listened to more than 1100 submitted demos and selected 40 acts that we feel have that extra quality.”

The acts announced for next year’s by:Larm represent the pop/rock segment – metal, hip-hop, jazz, electronica and blues acts will be announced later this autumn.

22, Trondheim
Aché, Oslo
All that and a bag of chips, Oslo
Bandit, Bergen
Binärpilot, Oslo
Blackpowdershooter, Oslo
Bladed, Trondheim
Casiokids, Bergen
Cerrato, Kongsvinger
Cyaneed, Alta
Det är jag som är döden, Oslo
DonkeyBoy, Drammen
Dylan Mondegreen, Oslo
Einar Stenseng, Oslo
Howl, Oslo
I was a king, Egersund
Inglow, Sandvika
Je suis animal, Oslo
Kambodsja, Sande/Drammen
Katzenjammer, Oslo
Kine Nesheim, Haugesund
Leiv Reed, Bergen
Lukestar, Oslo
Maose, Fredrikstad
Maria due, Oslo
Master Piece Of Cake, Holmestrand
Miss Motor, Bergen
Moddi, Senja
ORBO & The Longshots, Bergen
Petter Carlsen, Alta
Roger Græsberg & The Anti-Music Bonanza, Oslo
Sigh & Explode, Oslo
The Fernets, Tromsø
The Holy Tongue, Oslo
The lucky bullets, Oslo
The Shock!, Stavanger/Bergen
The Violent Years, Mandal
The Work, Bergen
Therese Aune, Oslo
Truls & the Trees, Oslo

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