Nordic Baroque Quartet: Northern Delights

MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Nordic Baroque Quartet's 'Northern Delights'

Nordic Baroque Quartet's 'Northern Delights' (cover)

Northern Delights is a recording of Nordic baroque music by one of the finest ensembles to specialise in this musical period. Since Scandinavian baroque composers are not among the masters who have reserved for themselves a place in history and in our common cultural conscience, it is partly in an effort to remedy misconceptions regarding Scandinavian musical life in this period that Nordic Baroque Quartet has chosen to record an anthology of original Scandinavian baroque music. For musical life was indeed rich, despite the absence of contributors of historical magnitude and despite the lack of consistent preservation and cataloguing of the music actually in circulation. For this reason much of the music here recorded has been extracted from various compilations and incomplete documents kept by private collectors as well as musicians themselves. Nordic Baroque quartet has received much praise and the musicians are all highly respected and sought after soloists on their respective instruments.

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