Massive post-Eurovision success for Alexander Rybak

Following Alexander Rybak’s victory at the Eurovision Song Contest final in Moscow, the young sensation has shot to the top of the sales charts at home and abroad.

Alexander Rybak 2009

Rybak’s Eurovision winning song Fairytale has proved to be a massive success at home and abroad. Last week Fairytale placed third on the Billboard Hot 100 European sales charts only surpassed by such acts as Lady Gaga and Black Eyed Peas.

Fairytale has placed first in Belgium and Denmark, second in Holland and third in Ireland as well as Switzerland on the countries’ respective singles sales charts.

June 29th saw the release of Alexander Rybak’s much anticipated debut album which has been met with rave reviews domestically. The album is set for release through Universal in Russia and the former Soviet republics as well as Sweden and Hellas while EMI handles the release in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark and Finland and V2 takes care of the Belgium market.

Belarus-born Rybak is also set to re-record several tracks featured on his debut album, this time singing in Russian.

Alexander Rybak's MySpace site

Aleksander Rybak's site

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