Concerts Norway’s INTRO-programme includes musicians from the classical, jazz and folk sectors, and involves a number of key players on the Norwegian music scene. MIC Norway’s INTRO-Composer programme features two young talents that will be supported over a three-year time-frame, enabling the composers to establish themselves on the domestic as well as international scene through commissioned works, networking and informational initiatives.

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Øyvind Torvund

INTROcomposer 2006-2009

English / German

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9. july 2009
The Stacks for cello and electronics to be performed at the Time of Music Festival, Viitasaari, Finland.

27. June 2009
Concert/performance with Yorgos Sapountzis in Mannheim during the 15th. Internationale Schillertage.

23. May 2009
Bandrom Fjell in Bergen featured at the Oioi Festival/Happy Nordic Music days programme launch. Performed by Synnøve S. Bjørset, Anna Lindal, Karin Hellqvist and Kjell Tore Innervik.

21. May 2009
Tune Park performed by the Plus Minus ensemble. Bath Spa university, Michael Tippet Centre, 1930.

April 2009
Premiere of commissioned INTRO-work No. 2: asamisimasa, Berlin radio recording sessions.

26. March 2009
Audio Guide for keyboard and CD premiered by Mark Knoop at the Borealis Festivalen in Bergen.

15. March 2009
Commissioned INTRO-work No. 2 handed over to the asamisimasa ensemble.

6.-8. February 2009
Øyvind Torvund's "BANDROM HAUS" constitutes a main part of the frame-work programme during the AUDIO POVERTY conference in Berlin. Over the course of three days, Torvund’s "BANDROM HAUS: 3 Situationen für 9 Musiker" is performed on eight occasions. The concert features a duo for guitar and percussion plus tape and electronics, a mentoring setting for violinist Anna Lindal and the Zwischentöne ensemble as well as a piece for percussion and sound sculptures. More info:

20.-nov. 2008- 20. jan 2009
The installation "Transporting Rituals" displayed at the sound-art exhibition "Absorbsjon og Resonans" at Oslo's Henie Onstad Arts Center

18. October 2008
Fiolin ABC performed at the Lillehammer Arts Museum.

16. October 2008
Øyvind Torvund's commissioned work "Wild Spaces" i performed during the Ultima Festival by vocal ensemble Nordic Voices, soprano Ellen Aagaard and saxophonist Frode Gjerstad. Venue: Kulturkirken Jakob, Oslo.

25. September 2008
The piece "Maploop" is performed by Victoria Johnson, Else Olsen S,Michael Duch and Øyvind Storesund at the Trondheim Chamber Music Festival.

5. July 2008
Torvund's new piece "The Calculators" is premiered at the Rational Rec in Butterfield Green Park, London

25. June 2008
Percussionist Kjell Tore Innervik performs the commissioned INTRO-work "The Stacks" for quarter-tone Marimba for CD.

9.-10. May 2008

The Spor Festival in Århus, DK features a major version of Torvund: Tune Park, featuring ensembles from Norway, Sweden and Denmark, in addition to works The Stacks, Foredrag om ornament and Krull Quest. More info:

April 2008

Commissioning of a work for the L'orchestre de flutes francais. (Premiere in 2009.)
Funded by the Arts Council Norway.

March 2008

Ny Musikk (Norwegian section of the ISCM) tour from Tromsø to Kristiansand.
Clarinettist Rolf Borch and cellist Tanja Orning perform Torvund: Foredrag om ornament, The Stacks and Krull Quest. More info:

3. February 2008

ILIOS Festival: Percussionist Kjell Tore Innervik and the MIN ensemble perform Torvund: The Stacks. More info:

1. February 2008

Øyvind Torvund INTRO-sampler launched, featuring articles, list of works and excerpts of works Album (2004), The Stacks (2007), Power Art (2002) and How Sound Travels (2006).

December 2007

Commissioned work for ensemble asamisimasa

5. October 2007

The Ultima Festival,: premiere of "The Stacks" version for cello. Joakim Munkner.

May-June: 2007

Study trip to Mexico - studies with Julio Estrada

March-April 2007

Perfomances of Tune Park:
01.03 Royal Academy of music, London.
08.04 Curious Chamber Players, Fylkingen, Stockholm
10.04 Sibelius Academy, Finland
16.04 Plex, Copenhagen, Denmark
09.09 Ensemble Plus Minus, Ultima festival, Parkteateret, Oslo.
27.09 Transit festival, Leuven, Belgium

3. April 2007

Bethnal Green, London: Performance of the pre-project for the commissioned work ”The Stacks” as well as Tune Park.

December 2006

Commissioned work for Kjell Tore Innervik, pieces for quarter-tone Marimba.

Emil Bernhardt

INTROcomposer 2006-2009

English / German

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20.-Nov. 2008- 20.Jan 2009
The installation "Wittgensteinstoler" displayed at the sound-art exhibition "Absorbsjon og Resonans" at Oslo's Henie Onstad Arts Center

11. October 2008
Emil Bernhardts first commissioned INTRO-work "Arbeidsrom 2007" premiered during the Ultima Festival by INTRO-Classical pianists Joachim Kjeldsaas Kwetzinsky and Kristian Lindberg.

5. - 20. July 2008
Emil Bernhard participates at the Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik in Darmstadt.

4. July 2008

Completion of the commissioned INTRO-work for two pianos; "Arbeidsrom 2007".

9. May 2008
Etyde – Dobbel 9/5/08 and a new work for clarinet performed at the SPOR Festival in Århus, Denmark, by performers from the asamisimasa ensemble.

April 2008

A work for the L'orchestre de flutes francais commisssioned. (Premiere in 2009.)
Funded by the Arts Council Norway

28. March 2008

Venue: Atriet, Kongensgate 4, Oslo, 19.30, Ensemble: Asamisimasa
Premiere: Duo for guitar and clarinet

23. February – 1. March2008

The Borealis Festival in Bergen, "Wittgensteinstoler" – An installation at the Bergen Public Library's Music Department.

1. February 2008

Emil Bernhardt INTRO-sampler launched, featuring articles, list of works and excerpts of works 'Minutter (3) Installasjon for orkester', 'Utdrag fra Minutter (3) - Analyse for ensemble', 'Musikk med kommentar for stemme og ensemble', 'Sats 2 for fiolin og piano', 'Strykekvartett'

November 2007

Study trip to Germany - mentoring sessions with Manos Tsangaris in Cologne and Peter Ablinger in Berlin.

September 2007

The UNM Festival, Iceland

January-April 2007

Studies in Berlin

December 2006

Commissioned INTRO-work for pianists Joachim Kwetzinsky and Kristian Lindberg

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More info on INTRO classical from Concerts Norway

Winners of the Finals held in the Oslo Opera on 13th of june 2009:
Sara Övinge, violin

Catharina Chen, violin


Winners of the Finals held during the Bergen International Festival on the 24th of May 2008:
Ida Bryhn, viola
Mariann Fjeld Olsen, soprano


Fredrik Schøyen Sjölin, cello
Caroline Eidsten Dahl, recorder
Anders Nilsson, violin

Previous winners:

Berit Norbakken Solset, soprano (2006)
Kristian Lindberg, piano (2006)

Johannes Weisser, baritone (2005)
Håkon Mørch Stene, percussion (2005)

Joachim Kjelsaas Kwetzinsky, piano (2004)
Kjell Tore Innervik, percussion (2004)
Ellen Ugelvik, klaver & Eir Inderhaug, soprano (2003)
Anders Øien, gitar & Andjei Maevski, clarinet (2002)
Isa K. Gericke, sopran & Marius Hesby, trombone (2002)
Eirik Raude, slagverk & Ernst S. Glaser, cello (2001)
Gunilla Süssmann, piano & Håvard Stensvold, bass-baritone (2001)

Jazz INTRO logo

Winner of the finals held during the 2010 Molde International Jazz Festival was the duo

Ferner/Juliusson (Per Arne Ferner - guitar and Per Gunnar Juliusson(S) - piano).


Albatrosh (André Roligheten - saxophone, Eyolf Dale- piano)

Previous winners:
Puma (2006)

In the country (2004)
SOLID! (2002)
Ra (2000)
Urban Connection (1998)

INTRO folk logo


Winner of the finals held during the North Sea Festival in Farsund on the 29th of august 2009:

Kim André Rysstad, vocals

Winner of the finals held during the Telemark Festival in Bø on the 21st of July 2007:

Benedicte Maurseth, fiddle


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