Lovly.no launched

A new site that tracks social media buzz generated by Norwegian acts is launched.

This week saw the launch of Lovly.no – a site that tracks social media buzz generated by Norwegian artists. The site, which is an initiative from music industry organizations FONO (Norwegian Independent Record Producers Association), GramArt (the Association of Recording Artists), IFPI Norway, the Musician’s Union, the Norwegian Artists Association and Tono (the Norwegian Performing Right Society ) also offers a wide range of streaming and download services, aiming at making legal music consumption easier for the end user.

Writes Lovly.no in a press statement issued this week: ‘Lovly's your music scout on the web. What is a music scout, you might ask? Music Scout Lovly.no helps you to follow the Norwegian music scene online. It tracks what’s currently being discussed and played out there in the cloud. Lovly tracks a number of sources in a wide range of social networks and based, feeds it through a clever algorithm and creates a list of the hottest Norwegian artists at any given moment.

Go to the site and see which Norwegian artists that generate buzz about right now.

Lovly’s aim is to expose the joy of discovering new Norwegian digital music, and we believe we do this best by revealing what goes on in the blogosphere.

Lovly also makes it more easier than ever to listen to and buy music discussed on the web. All artists on the lovly list are linked to a number of music stores and music services in Norway.

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