Come Shine

Come Shine enjoy an unrivalled position as one of Norwegian jazz’ most successful ensembles. Commercially as well as artistically, Come Shine have hit the jackpot and are now the subject of rave reviews and very strong sales with their latest outing; a stunning live-recording with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra.

Come Shine, 2002

Come Shine share background with many of contemporary Norwegian jazz’ most central bands and performers in that all band members are graduates of the prestigious Jazz department at the Trondheim Conservatory. The Trondheim faculty has fostered a long line of talented performers, teachers, arrangers and composers over the last 15 years, and Come Shine carry on a strong tradition of innovative and highly competent ensembles that have been bred at the institution.

Come Shine debuted in 2001 with their self-titled first album that has since then shifted more than 7000 units – a number that’s unobtainable for most Norwegian jazz releases. Come Shine’s first album showcased a strong focus on standards and featured spirited and inventive renditions of well-known tunes such as “Lush Life” and “When I fall in love”.

2002 saw the release of Come Shine’s second outing; the massively acclaimed “Do that voodoo”. In an unprecedented fashion, Come Shine burst into the national sales charts with their second album. Rave, nearly hysterical reviews followed in the wake of the album’s release, solidifying “Do that voodoo’s” and Come Shine’s positions as jazz release and band of the year. “Do that voodoo’s” focus was also on standards – tunes such as “My favourite things”, “Nature Boy” and “Somewhere over the rainbow” that have seen countless interpretations and performances over the years. What sets Come Shine’s renditions apart from the vast majority of standard interpretations is the ensemble’s ability to make the listener feel that the tunes have never heard before. The quartet’s confident, skilled, visionary and aesthetic playing provides a platform from which the tunes grow into new entities – freed from the constraints of past performances and interpretations. Since its release, more than 12000 units have been shifted on the domestic market – a feat that no other band on the jazz circuit can rival at the moment.

Come Shine’s latest recorded output is a live-recording made at Oslo’s Rockefeller Music Hall and the Kongsberg Jazz Festival and features the Norwegian Radio Orchestra in close interaction with a spirited quartet. Again, the focus is on standards but the lush strings add a new and wider panoramic effect to the band’s aesthetic renditions. The concerts, which were broadcast on national television, are as much a testament to skilled playing as it is to pianist Erlend Skomsvoll’s expansive and rich arrangements. Skomsvoll is gaining international acclaim as an arranger, having worked closely with such heavyweights as Chick Corea and Pat Metheny. Skomsvoll manage to utilise the full timbre and spectrum of the orchestra but also avoids drenching the soundscape with an overdose of strings. The vocal interpretations and close interplay of the rhythm section is given ample room in the mix, providing vital contrast to the grand orchestra.

Upon the release of their third album, Come Shine are poised for more international activity with scheduled festival appearances, tours and international marketing of the band’s albums. Over the last year, Come Shine have performed in Vietnam and India as well as on Iceland and new 2004 dates are being added to the calendar on a consecutive basis.


Come Shine (Curling Legs) 2001
Come Shine: Do that voodoo (Curling Legs) 2002
Come Shine with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra in Concert (Curling Legs) 2003

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