Spellemannspris nominees unveiled

The nominations for the 2006 Spellemannspris - the Norwegian equivalent to the Grammy - have now been unveiled.

Madrugada 2005 trio/colour (photo: Autumn de Wilde)

The committee of the Norwegian music industry’s annual Spellemannspris award has finally unveiled its nominations. One of the biggest favourites has to be Madrugada who had a banner year in 2005, having sold more than 90 000 units of their fourth studio album ‘The Deep End’ and more than 40 000 copies of their live-album ‘Live at Tralfamadore’. Madrugada guitarist Robert Burås is set for a match against himself as he’s also nominated in the Rock category with his side project My Midnight Creeps which released a critically acclaimed self-titled album earlier this year.

The winners of the prestigious Spellemannspris – the Norwegian equivalent to the Grammy – will be announced for the 34th time at a major televised show on 28 January.

This is the list of the nominees:

Male artist
Alejandro Fuentes - Diamonds or Pearls
Robert Post - Robert Post
Magnet - The Tourniquet
Sofian - This is Sofian

Female artist
Ane Brun - A Temporary Dive
Lene Marlin - Lost in a Moment
Marthe Valle - It’s A Bag of Candy
Maria Mena - Apparently Unaffected

Pop act
Jim Stärk - Jim Stärk
Ravi & DJ Løv - Den nye Arbæidsdagn
Röyksopp - The understanding

Alog - Miniatures
Datarock - Datarock Datarock
Toy - Toy

Cikada String Quartet - Saariaho Cage Maderna
Nils Henrik Asheim - 19 March 2004, Oslo Cathedral
Sigyn Fossnes/Steinar Henning Smedbye - Tightrope Walker

Big Bang - Poetic Terrorism
JR Ewing - Maelstrom
Madrugada - The Deep End
My Midnight Creeps - My Midnight Creeps
Serena-Maneesh - Serena-Maneesh

Kåre Virud Band - Ild og vann
Ronnie Jacobsen - Soulfield
Vidar Busk - Starfish

Elisabeth Andreassen - Short Stories
Sergeant Petter - Monkey Tonk Matters
The Respatexans - Shine On

Audrey Horne - No Hay Banda
El Caco - The Search
Extol - Blueprint

Hip hop/R’ n B
Cast - Problembarn
Paperboys - When Worlds Collide
Tommy - Tommy tycker om mej

Folk music / traditional dance music
Nordafjells - General
Sigrid Moldestad/Einar Mjølsnes/Håkon Høgemo - Gamaltnymalt
Tom Willy Rustad - Fiolsteinen

Dance orchestra
Anne Nørdsti - Bonderomantikk
Lasse Johansens Orkester - Hematt att
Ole Ivars - Vi tar det tel manda";n

Hans Mathisen - Quiet Songs
Jimmy Rosenberg/Stian Carstensen - Rose Room
Karin Krog/Bergen Big Band - Seagull
Sigurd Køhn kvartett - This Place
Solveig Slettahjell - Pixiedust

Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra/Ole Kristian Ruud - Edvard Griegs Peer Gynt
Einar Steen-Nøkleberg/Terje Mikkelsen/Trondheim symfoniorkester - Thomas Tellefsen Complete
Piano Concertos
Håkon Austbø - Debussy, Complete Works for Piano Solo, Vol II
Leif Ove Andsnes - Rachmaninov, Piano Concertos 1 & 2

16 artister hedrer Erik Bye - En hildringstime
Kari Bremnes - Over en by
Vamp - Siste stikk
Øystein Sunde - Sånn er";e bare

Newcomer of the Year
Marthe Valle
Animal Alpha
Audrey Horne

Hit of the year
Alejandro Fuentes - Stars
Kurt Nilsen - Never Easy
Madrugada and Ane Brun - Lift Me
Maria Mena - Miss You Love
Ravi & DJ Løv - Tsjeriåu me de Månråus

Music video
Maria Mena - Miss You Love
Animal Alpha - Bundy
Ravi & DJ Løv - E-Ore
Robert Post - Got None
Röyksopp - What Else Is There

Open class
Arild Andersen Group - Electra
Beady Belle - Closer
Jaga Jazzist - What We Must
Nils Petter Molvær - ER
Shining - In The Kingdom Of Kitch You Will Be A Monster

Child record of the year
Diverse artister - Elias den lille redningsskøyta
Geirr Lystrup - Sangen om Yebo
Jannike Kruse & Forsvarets musikkorps Trøndelag - Kjente, kjære og noen glemte barnesanger

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