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Therese Ulvan

Therese was born on Hitra, a small island just out of the coast of Norway. She never attended a music school because it didnt exist back then, but instead I joined a blues-rock band. At this time she was 13, and too young to get in to the clubs we were playing at, so her parents had to come along. You can say they were her first fans. Her curiosity and longing to find my mission in life, took her to Liverpool in 1999, where she attended a singing course at Paul Mc Cartneys music school called LIPA. That became a turning point in her life, because someone wrote in her book: God gives us all a talent. What you make out of it is your gift back to God.

Says Therese: - That was the famous click that turned on the light inside myself. Suddenly everything was so logical; my mission in life is to reach out and touch peoples lives and hearts with music! From that moment, my life has been an exiting journey; I first moved to Oslo where I attended Nordic Institute for Scene and Studio. Then my curiosity took me to Leeds, where I took a Bachelor (Hons) in Jazz at Leeds College of Music. At the college I met three wonderful and strong women, and together we formed the vocal group Røyst. We create and perform originally written and improvised music for and with the voice. The summer of 2004 we released our first album called Nordic Initiative consisting of contemporary music with inspiration sources such as jazz, Norwegian folk music and world music. Now my heart had led me to Los Angeles, where I study piano with the famous pianoplayer John Novello. I also been so lucky to meet the legendary Motown Musician Leon Ware. He is known to have worked with Marvin Gaye, Quincy Jones, Diana Ross and many more. Leon is music more than he is a human of flesh and blood. We are now recording and writing songs together. Music is my life, my mission, passion and love. It keeps me going day in and day out. Through music Ive had magical moments both on stage and in studios and Ive been able to tour many countries. Ive been very blessed with meeting fantastic people who became coworkers and friends. My world is filled with creativity, inspiration and miracles. Life is amazing, and I cant wait to see what tomorrow will bring of music, passion and love.

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