MoHa! heading out on UK tour

Improv outfit MoHa! heads out on UK tour in June.

MoHa! (Foto: Ryfylke)

MoHa! are boldly leading the way with a sound that encompasses the best of rock, free jazz and electronic music. Despite the enormity and broad spectrum of sounds that constitute their unique style, it is the work of just two musicians, Anders Hana (24) on guitar, obsolete electronics and a palette of effects pedals, and Morten J. Olsen (25) on drums, triggering a multitude of noises from each skin and cymbal using custom built software. Having played together in various projects for close to 10 years, they have developed a high level of control and understanding in their musical communication. They compliment and confront each other, with sharp and mechanical movements on one hand, free flowing and loose gestures on the other.

Since the release of their debut album 'Raus Aus Stavanger' in early 2006 they have done considerable touring, both in Europe and in USA. 'Norwegianism' was recorded towards the end of a European tour in December 2006. It’s a real scorcher; short, intense, to the point and brimming with head explosions, youthful energy and urgency.

Following a string of UK dates, MoHa! are scheduled to play gigs in Iceland's Akureyri and Reykjavik.

Just when it seemed that free improv had disappeared up its own fundament into tedious ultra-minimalist posturing or equally boring high volume flailing around, along come a couple of Norwegians and make it all seem fun again. BBC Online (UK)

The duo filter elements of free improvisation, heavy rock and electronica into a highly charged composite where such tags have suddenly become irrelevant. The Wire

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