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Nicolay Apollyon

Nicolay Apollyon (17.04.1945-25.06.2015) received his principal musical education in Norway, Germany and France from where he held major degrees. He was a full-time composer and organ recitalist.

He wrote for different categories: Orchestra, chamber, solo, the electronic medium etc., and his works have been premiered throughout the world. His extensive touring schedule as a recitalist, brought him to all parts of the world performing the vast organ repertory of all epochs, and he was the first Scandinavian to sign a contract for complete recordings of the organ works by J.S.Bach. He belongs to the minor group of organrecitalist performing the discipline of memorising his repertory both in recital and recording sessions.

Besides working in the acoustic domain, he worked intensively with computer-based and -assisted electro-acoustic applications.

His output reflects both "Gebrauchsmusik" , clearly affiliated with the German polyphonic traditions according to a.o. Hindemith, the baroque and renaissance, and experimental aesthetics referring to the French tradition as represented by a.o. Messiaen and Boulez, frequently reflecting non-tempered and spectral traditions which he refers to as "The Concept of Resonance".

In 1989 he was appointed an Honorary Doctor of Music in the USA. (Honoris Causa.) He is a Fellow of World Literary Academy, Cambridge, and is an Honorary Member of the Research Board of American Biographical Institute. At the time of writing, ennoblement is in progress.

About distinctions and honours bestowed upon him, the following selection should be mentioned: DAAD German Academic Award; The Danish Ministry Award, The American Scandinavian Fellowship; Norwegian Artist Award; Boursier Gouvernement Français; The Telemark Prize; Award for Performing Artists; Ragna Goplen Legacy; Danish-Norwegian Award; President Klaestad & Wife Legacy; Ingrid Langaard Legacy (Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris); NRK Award; State Artist Award; Prize Winner (LAUREAT) at the Bourges (France) Electronic Music Festival in 1990 with the Electroacoutic composition MURA-IKI for Flutes and Electronics (listed under Kjell Johnsen, and released on the label Le Chant du Monde/Harmonia Mundi) , etc.

Biographical recognition: Dictionary of International Biography 1986, 1988, 1989/90; International Who's Who of Intellectuals VI, VII; First Five Hundred; International Register of Profiles; The International Who's Who of Contemporary Achievement 1984, 1985; International Dictionary of Distinguished Leadership I, II 87/88 ABI; Men of Achievement 1986, XIII 1988; Who's Who in Western Europe; The International Who's Who in Music; IBC Directory 1987; Book of Honour; International Leaders In Achievement 1987 and 1989, Universal Intelligence Data Bank of America; 5000 Personalities of the World, ABI 1987-88; Hvem er hvem 1984; Hvem er hvem i Norsk kulturliv; Cappelens Musikkleksikon; The International Who's Who in Music XII 1989; IBA Directory 1989/90; Int. Leaders In Achievement, ed. II; Dictionary of Int. Biography, ed. XXI; International Directory of Distinguished Leadership 2nd Edition 1990; Hvem er hvem 14th edition; Dictionary of International Biography, Twenty-Third Edition; Hvem er hvem 1992; etc.

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