300 Acting Spaces

Oslo-based ground-breaking music/multimedia project 300 Acting Spaces with grand opening this weekend.

The 10th of March marks the grand opening of ground-breaking music/multimedia project 300 Acting Spaces. Stian Westerhus (solo) & Noiser feat. Sigbjørn Apeland kick off the open public, independent and artistic research project. More on the 300 Acting Spaces grand opening here.

A unique open-source music project, 300 Acting Spaces is the name of a new experimental music/multimedia project based out of Oslo and spearheaded by artist/professor Alex Gunia. In addition to providing an intimate performance venue for many of Norway's leading artists in the genre including Lasse Marhaug, Maja Ratkje, Supersilent and more, the venture also aims to link up with similar venues worldwide, both conceptually and online. And for those purely interested in the music, all shows will be streamed live and immediately archived for public listening via SoundCloud.

300 acting spaces is an open public, independent and non-commercial artistic research project initiated by the electronic musician Alex Gunia. It deals with the installation of especially designed underground performance laboratories for electronic and elctro-acoustic music located in Oslo, Berlin, New York, Beijing and Tokyo during the years 2012 until 2015. Together with national and local artists, these facilities will be used to go into an open, creative process of performing three hundred concerts. 300 acting spaces shall mainly be recognized as an open arena for modern musicians, but in addition to that, there will be a constant interdisciplinary exchange with visual artists.

All performances will be professionally recorded and (live-) streamed in the internet and 300 acting spaces will create an open source for artists, observers, scientists and the interested general public. By using social media platforms and the internet as a main communication tool the project is also experimenting with the usage and development of modern technics for the worldwide dispersion of music. The team of independent creative cells and specialists being involved in finding practical solutions, creating artistic meaning and developing theoretical contributions around 300 acting spaces is constantly growing.

Following the main idea of artistic research and in addition to the artistic outcome, a constant blog during the whole project and personal critical reflections in combination with an specified evaluation process incorporating the audience and the performers will be the basis for a final documentary book.

March 6th saw saxophonist Rolf Erik Nystrøm taking part in the project with a well-received concert in Oslo. Footage and audio from the gig can be found here.

More on 300 Acting Space here.

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