Rec90 launches international offensive

One of Norway’s most active independent record labels is about to enter a busy period. Sister Sonny, Poor Rich Ones and Lorraine team up for a German tour. Fresh signings Low Frequency in Stereo release acclaimed album and William Hut’s "Road Star Doolittle" receives great UK reviews.

Sister Sonny

This week saw one of Rec90’s artists, William Hut gaining favourable reviews in one of the industry’s major publications – Q Magazine. William Hut is identical with William Marhaug, vocalist and front man of another well-known Rec90 act Poor Rich Ones. Hut released his acclaimed solo-album "Road Star Doolittle" last year in Norway. Says Q Magazine: "William Hut is the exquisite, very Morten Harket-sounding voice of Poor Rich Ones, Norway's own Radiohead. Infinitely sad and nocturnal, yet uplifting rather than depressing, this is a real find!" The magazine awards "Road Star Doolittle" four out of five stars. "Road Star Doolittle" was released in the UK late October and is distributed by Shellshock.

William Hut’s main priority, Poor Rich Ones will join label mates Sister Sonny and Lorraine for a nine date German tour. The bands will play nigh-time gigs in towns such as Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt and Berlin and combine regular concerts with in-store concerts and TV-appearances.

Both Poor Rich One’s “Happy Happy Happy” album and Sister Sonny’s “The Bandit Lab” were released on the European market earlier this year. One of Germany’s biggest music magazines, Intro, awarded Sister Sonny’s album 10 out of 12 stars and has devoted a four-page article to Rec90 and the upcoming tour. Sister Sonny will also appear live on the German TV show GIGA TV. The show will be aired on November 15th, between 4 and 5 P.M. The show is live from Düsseldorf and the audience will be treated to the “Leonard in Drag” video.

Lorraine is one of Rec90’s most recent signings, and the band’s most recent international appearance was on the Rec90 compilation “This is Norway” which earlier this year was released all over Europe to critical acclaim.

Rec90 has also another card up their sleeve. The Low Frequency in Stereo has recently released their self-titled debut album in Norway. Their laid-back, understated, often lyrical, lo-fi, post-rock, Mogwaiesque songs have certainly found a Norwegian audience this autumn – very positive reviews all over. The record is set for release in Europe February 2003. November 15 and 19 will see the Copenhagen-residing Norwegian band supporting one of Iceland’s most acclaimed bands; Mum. The stage is set for a sombre and evocative evening.

Go to MIC’s calendar for a complete listing of Rec90 artists international gigs.

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