Renowned DJ/Producer joins 120 Days for London gig

Londoners should mark the date 27th of February when one of Norway’s foremost DJs/producers, Bjørn Torske joins much-hyped outfit 120 Days for a not-to-be-missed gig.

120 Days s/v (foto: Kim Hiorthøy)

Renowned Norwegian indie Smalltown Supersound, home to such acts as Jaga Jazzist, 120 Days, Lindstrøm, Kim Hiorthøy and Bjørn Torske hosts a unique club night at White Heat at London’s Madame Jo Jo’s on the 27th of February. Sharing the bill for the night will be two of Norway’s hottest electronic acts at the moment; much-hyped collective 120 Days and veteran DJ/Producer Bjørn Torske.

120 Days

120 Days has set a new standard regarding domestic praise, which has been tantamount to a landslide victory of full-score reviews and poll wins. And now the rest of the world is catching on too; the latest indication of which was substantial and very favourable coverage in the million-and-a-half-copy selling Rolling Stone Magazine. 120 Days are signed to Vice Records of NYC and therefore their focus has been on America so far, something that might change in the wake of the outfit’s upcoming London show.

A few recent quotes from the international press:

”120 Days can make any room feel like on it's on the brink of explosion. It is awe-inspiring.” Spin

”These guys go big on everything. They exude audacity. A first-order phenomenon, with its own heat and light.” Pitchfork

”A contemporary gloss on Kraftwerk, or a keyboard-heavy take on the dance-punk of DFA Records…..An exercise in deep focus that achieves its aims through subtle manipulation.” New York Times

”These songs are totally allergic to restraint; they're built for huge outdoor festivals, and they push outward and unfold upward, aiming for cheap seats.” Village Voice

120 Days head out on a US/Canadian tour on 1 March.

Listen to and download 120 Days releases here.

Bjørn Torske

Bjørn Torske hails from the capital of electronic music in Norway, Tromsø, a small town far north over the Artic Circle. In the early 1990s, at a time when he played synthesizer on iconic electronica act Biosphere’s live shows, Torske moved to Bergen where new acts, clubs and labels were emerging and transformed the otherwise sleepy university town on Norway’s west coast to the hippest place to be. He had started releasing singles through prestigious house label SVEK, but in 1998 his friend Mikal Telle founded Tellé Records, and invited Bjørn to join in on the fun. He released 'Disco Members' on Tellé in 2000 as well as taking time off to release 'Aerosoles' on SVEK. In the same period Torske also produced his next album, 'Trøbbel' on Telle Records, as well as remixing his friends and studio partners Röyksopp's first hit single 'Eple'. Torske also toured Europe with Röyksopp in the spring of 2002.

Listen to and download Bjørn Torske releases here.

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