Robert Post - aiming for the top of the UK charts

With his latest single Got None steadily climbing the UK radio charts, Robert Post is one of the hottest Norwegian acts right now.

Robert Post 2005 (med gitar)

The so-called Bergen wave which has spawned such bands as Röyksopp, Kings of Convenience, Sondre Lerche and Annie has now resulted in yet another sophisticated act with a well developed sense for ageless melodies and charming lyrics. Meet Robert Post, currently hailed as one of the nation’s most cunning songsmiths. Tunes such as Got None has secured him domestic as well as UK airplay – the single is currently climbing the UK radio charts and is now occupying the 14th spot, creating strong anticipation for his upcoming debut album.

Post’s recipe for success is as simple as it is overwhelmingly difficult; write tunes with everlasting melodies and sing them with a voice that’s instantly recognisable.

Post’s unmistakable voice has earned him a growing audience abroad, particularly in the UK, leading to interest from major UK record companies. This led to a deal with Mercury Records UK and Nettwerk Management.

A well-timed appearance at last week’s massively successful Øya Festival proved that Post is not only a studio savvy artist; he can rock the concert stage too. Both live as well as album reviews in the domestic press have been very positive this week.

Later this autumn, Post is set to hit UK roads as a support act for Texas. Dates and venues are found in the calendar.

Some album review excerpts:

Got None is a classic pop gem clad in a velvety arrangement with soothing strings. If you love it, you’ll love the album. There’s something timeless with Robert Post, but not in an antiquated sense – the music’s too lively. Dagbladet (5/6)

Well written, great arrangements, vibrant and with perfect dosage of both nostalgia and melancholy… VG (4/6)

Writes The Times on Post and his latest single: “Who is he? A Norwegian who has penned this year’s greatest pop song. Got None, Post’s debut single, is one of those tracks that sound preordained. A keening lullaby that recalls the effortless songsmithery of Paul McCartney, Andrew Gold, Billy Joel and Ed Harcourt, it’s a classic example of a song where one melody doesn’t so much give way to the next as dictate it and make it seem inevitable. The story goes that Post was driving a taxi and, finding that he had the head of Mercury A&R in the back of his cab, cheekily blasted his passenger with a demo tape. Apocryphal or not, Mercury has reason to congratulate itself: for Got None is no one-off. The whole of Post’s eponymous debut album glories in tunes many songwriters would kill for.”

Robert Post’s debut album, the aptly titled ‘Robert Post’ produced by renowned producer Mike hedges (The Cure, Manic Street Preachers) is out on Mercury in the UK on 22 August.

Robert Post releases can be purchased here and here.

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