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Turbonegro returns

Denim-clad deathpunkers Turbonegro return with new front-man and their new album ‘Sexual Harassment’.

Twenty years after their album debut ‘Hot Cars and Spent Contraceptives’, denim-clad deathpunkers Turbonegro return with new line-up and a brand new album; ‘Sexual Harassment’.

Fronted by the band’s new vocalist Tony Sylvester aka Duke Of Nothing, recruited from the band’s Turbojugend following, Turbonegro’s first single You Give Me Worms has paved the way for a much-anticipated album.

Five years after its predecessor, 2007’s ‘Retox, ‘Sexual Harassment’ represents the beginning of a new era for veteran members Euroboy, Happy-Tom and Rune Rebellion. In addition to the new front-man, Tommy Manboy is now manning the drum-set, infusing a solid dose of vitality into the quarter-century old outfit. With roots in hardcore punk and 80s alt rock, ‘Sexually Harassment’ packs a heavy punch throughout its 32 compact minute duration.

‘Sexual Harassment’ was recorded with Gus Oberg in NYC studio Electric Lady in January 2012, produced by Matt Sweeney and finally mixed at Oslo’s Malabar Studio by Nick Terry. The album is released worldwide through Volcom Media.

‘Sexual Harassment’ sees its Spotify release in Scandinavia, Germany, USA and selected other countries on June 13th.

1997 saw Turbonegro recording the now all-time classic ‘Apocalypse Dudes’, which was released in the U.S. by Man's Ruin in early 1999. However, the group had broken up at the end of 1998; Darkness Forever!, a selection of live performances from the band's final year, was released in early 2001. The breakup, however, was short-lived, and Turbonegro were back for tour dates in 2002, followed by the release of Scandinavian Leather in 2003. A handful of northern European dates coincided the release of the band's seventh album, Party Animals, in 2005. A collection of remixes appeared in 2006 as Small Feces, Vol. 1, with the full-length Retox arriving in 2007.With ‘Sexual Harassment’, Turbonegro are have returned to their former self, pouring out charged and trashy, hedonistic and decadent deathpunk like there’s no tomorrow.

Turbonegro Summer Festival Appearances 2012:

Hellfest, Clisson, France June 15

Peace&Love, Borlange, Sweden June 29

Knust (WTJT8), Hamburg, Germany July 20

Rock la Roca, Loreley, Germany July 28

Greenville, Berlin, Germany July 29

Porispere, Pori, Finland Aug 3

Heitere Open Air, Zofingen, Switzerland Aug 11

Leeds Festival, Leeds, UK Aug 24

Reading Festival, Reading, UK Aug 26

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