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Ida Jenshus - Live at the Office

Ida Jenshus with strong Live At The Office concert this week. Watch live footage here.

With three acclaimed albums under her belt: 2008’s ‘Color of the Sun’, 2010's ‘No Guarantees’ and this autumn’s ‘Someone to Love’, Steinkjer-born/Trondheim-based singer-songwriter Ida Jenshus has been dubbed Norway’s undisputed country-queen. A claim few would dispute given her track record of heavy airplay, numerous TV-appearances and solid sales on the domestic market.

Earlier this week, Jenshus and her trusted companions paid a visit to the offices of Visit Tronheim, and laid down a string of her trademark mature and intense country/folk-rooted songs – confirming her as one of the genre’s strongest voices.

Ida Jenshus - Live At The Office from MICnorway on Vimeo.

Jenshus’ Live At the Office set-list includes such strong songs as Not for love anymore, Marie (What Happened to the Music?), Someone to Love and Loneliest time of the Year

Jenshus’ latest album, ‘Someone to Love’, bears witness of an artist that is continuously striving to explore every nook and cranny of the country genre, leaving the listener with an end result that is utterly rewarding. The album is framed by the opener Once Upon a Time (Part One) and the closing track Once Upon a Time (Part One); in-between lies a proof of an artist that is undergoing a seemingly never-ending musical development.

Says Jenshus on the making of ‘Someone to Love’: - It’s a matter of listening to your heart and try to follow its lead. The time had come to challenge myself, and this process led me into new musical landscapes and a renewed sonic realm. At times, my new songs come across as a bit darker, but still, they’re all a product of a musical cornucopia and a playful approach to songwriting. (Producer) Kåre Vestrheim stepped forward and proved to be the man for the task – he helped me to gain trust in myself.

'Live at The Office' is a live concert series presented by the Music Information Centre Norway and NRK, the national Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. For a series of intimate concerts, MIC invites musicians to perform on an unlikely stage for a live concert; the office. Watch intimate video performances of your favorite Norwegian artist, recorded live at MIC’s Oslo office or in selected locations throughout the country.

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