Free London celebration on Norway's constitutional day

17th of May is Norway’s constitutional day and London concert goers now have a chance to celebrate the day with a free concert that features three highly vibrant Norwegian acts: Serena Maneesh, Low Frequency in Stereo and SuperJupiter.

17th of May in London

Celebrating Norway's constitutional day, and coinciding with the Great Escape festival in Brighton, the three up-and-coming Norwegian bands Serena Maneesh, The Low Frequency in Stereo and SuperJupiter are hosting a one-off gig coordinated by the Music Export Norway at Barfly in London on the 17th of May.

Serena Maneesh was founded in Oslo in 2001 while frontman Emil Nikolaisen was still a member and songwriter for the Norwegian award winning band Silver. Last year turned out to be a great year for Serena Maneesh. Their august full-length debut record ignited disillusioned critics and music lovers longing for a fresh cascade. A grand tour of Europe supporting The Dandy Warhols and inspired gigs in the US installed them in musical hearts and minds as well as in international music media’s ever scanning attention-beam. The year was rounded off with a tour of Sweden, a plethora of Norwegian award nominations and a “whole lotta buzz”. Early 2006 kicked off with a US/Canadian tour that earned the collective new fans across the Atlantic. February saw the band inking a record deal with brand-new label PlayLouderecordings with their debut album scheduled to arrive Stateside at 23 May. PlayLouderecordings is the offspring of London-based media website / digital label PlayLouder and UK indie conglomerate the Beggars Group (home to the Beggars Banquet, 4AD, XL, Too Pure, MoWax, Matador, Mantra, and Wiiija labels). Serena Maneesh are Playlouderecordings' first signing, although has previously treated its readership to several digital singles, including the Serena Maneesh track "Drain Cosmetics", released on Monday.

Listen to and downlod Serena Maneesh audio here

The Low Frequency in Stereo started with their lo-fi-post rock in the beginning of 2001. Since then, the band has played over 200 concerts around the world with highlights being at the Quart Festival, the Dour Festival and the South by Southwest Festival which was the band's break-through with the international music industry crowd

“The music is a mixture of the long solo elements in “the Doors” set to the raptide of Joy Division`s “transmission” with the surf guitar twang of Dick Dale”.“They are the Coolest Rulers from Scandinavia !” David Fricke- Senior Editor – Rolling Stone.

“Low Frequency in Stereo never seems to be faking it. The conquers the minute and grandiose in equal measures, showing the awesome potential of a band with creativity, ambition and diverse influences confidence enough to mix them all together, suddenly the Norwegian landscape, as explained on the album Travelling Ants Who got Eaten by Moskus makes sense!” Matt Liebowitz- Splendid Magazine

Low Frequency In Stereo have released three critically albums, a self-titled debut in 2002 and 2004’s ‘Travelling Ants who got eaten by moskus’, as well as this year’s ‘The Last Temptation of … Vol 1’ which has been thoroughly praised by domestic media.

Listen to and download Low Frequency In Stereo audio here.

SuperJupiter consist of three young Norwegians Terje, Ivar and Hal 1976 who formed the band in 2000. The trio’s synth-laden sound is a highly integral one and definitely lacks any parallels on the domestic circuit. A long-time live favourite among Norwegian connoisseurs, SuperJupiter are now poised to cross borders and win new fans abroad. SuperJupiter released its debut CD ‘EP 03’ in November 2003 and is currently working on a new album.

Music Export Norway coordinates the 17th of May celebrations at the Barly.

The concert in London is arranged as a pre-event to the Great Escape festival in Brighton which starts on 18 May and stretches over three full days. Several Norwegian bands will take part - for more info click here.

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