Førde 2010: DJ 99

A contender for the ‘Førde Festival’s busiest’ designation has to be DJ, producer and music journalist Guttorm Andreasen, aka DJ 99 who hosts his own Club Kwassa Kwassa club night and plays a number of day and night-time slots featuring his trademark eclectic mix of global sounds.

“Hard-core dance music from every corner of the globe!” is the selling pitch Andreasen delivers when asked to describe his upcoming stint at the Førde Festival.

Says Andreasen of his upcoming and highly busy Førde schedule: “I’ll be daytime-DJing at a new stage built at the city square and also play a string of club nights, most notably under the Club Kwassa Kwassa banner - a club night that’s devoted to danceable stuff from every nook and cranny of the world.”

In addition to spinning vinyl and discs, Andreasen will also display his skills as a music journalist in a combined lecture and DJ set: “I’ll also do a talk titled ‘Around the world in sixty minutes’ in which I take the listeners on a musical circumnavigation of the globe – playing some of my favourite tracks along the way”.

Andreasen has been a mainstay at the festival for years and looks forward to this year’s events: “Last year was just fantastic, with glorious sunshine on the area’s mountain ranges, packed houses and people dancing all along. The festival maintains a sky-high artistic level and my favourite thing to do is just to wander around, checking out new stuff – pretty much all of it is top notch! It’s really a festival suited perfectly for those with an open mind-set and eager to take in new sounds. It’ll be great for sure!”

DJ 99, aka Guttorm Andreasen, has worked as a presenter, DJ, reporter and producer at the national Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation for 16 years, from 1992 to 2008 during which he hosted a wide range of programmes ranging from popular children’s shows, cutting-edge music programmes at the youth channels as well as culture and arts programmes on national TV. From 2003 to 2006 he produced 702 editions of the multi-rhythmic daily programme Wasabi on the NRK P2 channel. Up to 200,000 people would tune in daily on the complete genre-free blend of Swedish funk, Jamaican tango, Belarusian electro, Nigerian jazz, Venezuelan rock, Danish cumbia, Norwegian and Chinese jungle techno ... and virtually every imaginable genre in between! DJ 99 has performed in a wide range of settings ranging from the Sónar Festival in Barcelona to a small bar on the edge of a Serbian village. In 2007 he was one of only three selected DJs to play at the major music industry WOMEX festival in Seville. In 2005 he reached the finals of the International World Beat DJ Competition in London.

DJ 99 is also the curator of MIC Norway’s new webcast series ‘99’ Minutes’, a string of eclectic and varied programmes featured on www.listento.no every fortnight.

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