Stonegard: Arrows

MIC's Listen to Norway series continues with Stonegard's 'Arrows'

Stonegard - Arrows

If ever asked to delineate epitomic metal the best advice is to abstain from words and references and instead simply play the record in your hand.
-Because young Norwegian band Stonegard fuse the elements that make up pure metal in such perfect amounts and with such intriguing focus and musicality that the result is overwhelming in richness and balance, melody and energy.
Although transcending most of what has been associated with this genre in terms of melody, dynamic and overall musical ambition, there are still definite traits that link Stonegard to bands such as Metallica and Megadeath. These bands belong, of course, to timelessness, and that is seemingly also where Stonegard is headed.
“Arrows” is this bands debut record, but it is as far away from a first, tentative attempt as one can imagine. The band has been working meticulously for five years to become what they are now and to produce an album that will unveil their full might and artistry in one complete oeuvre. Not many bands have it in them to consciously contrive a masterpiece as their debut, but this is exactly what Stonegard have done. Five years and more than a hundred concerts have conditioned this record and with its release the band have been catapulted to the position in international metal that was theirs to claim.

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