For the Country

Currently touring Europe, singer songwriter Einar Stray prepares to follow-up on his acclaimed album debut ‘Chiaroscuro’.

Dubbbed ‘love-child’ of Godspeed You Black Emperor! and Sufjan Stevens’, 21-year old singer/songwriter Einar Stray has carved a niche of his own with his crafted, immensely beautiful and quite intricate pop tunes. Fusing post-rock, indie-pop, shoegaze and folk to a highly coherent blend, Stray manages to create a sonic landscape that’s fragile yet grandiose, melancholic, orchestral and also at times noisy.

Currently, Stray is in the midst his ‘For the Coutry’ tour covering Germany, Austria and Switzerland - a tour that’s unfolding well with packed venues and solid post-gig social media feedback.

An EP follow-up to Stray’s strong 2011 album, ‘Chiaroscuro’ sees its release later this autumn.

Stray's compositions are truly advanced, and tracks sometimes go on for up to eight minutes without the listener ever feeling the slightest bit of boredom or inattentiveness. Stray's simple piano chords and deep voice are the centerpieces of these strong compositions that are steadily gaining a following at home and abroad. Driven forward by strings, drums and bass, and sprinkled with horns, synthesizers, samples, guitars and kazoos, these arrangements are never over the top, just perfectly planned and executed.

Remaining GAS tour-dates:

25.09. Köln - Studio 672

27.09. Weinheim - Café Central

29.09. Erfurt - Franz Mehlhose

01.10. Regensburg - Heimat

02.10. Traunstein – Festung

04.10. Waves Vienna, Wien (AT)

05.10. Grabenhalle, St. Gallen (CH)

06.10. Royal, Baden (CH)

09.10. Wiesbaden - Schlachthof

10.10. Erlangen - E-Werk

11.10. Dresden - Beatpol

12.10. Leipzig - UT Connewitz

Pretty much every track I've heard from him makes me think 'Damn, why has it taken me this long to find him'. Seriously. He's that good." – The 405

"It is an art to create music that seem to drift around unhindered, floating on piano and strings, all the time sharply controlled. Einar Stray has done it." – TV2

"Einar Stray delights, surprises, fascinates and captivates" – Aftenposten

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