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This weekend the renowned Norwegian record label RuneGrammofon initiates its “Labelnight” tour of Europe which will feature three of its most acclaimed acts, Supersilent, Susanna and the Magical Orchestra and In the Country.

Susanna and the Magical Orchestra - 2006

The latter two have released records this fall, most recently In the Country, whose “Losing stones, collecting bones” received fantastic reviews and confirms the international status the trio’s first album, last year’s “This was the pace of my heartbeat”, secured them.
In the Country is constituted around pianist/keyboardist Morten Qvenlid who also just happens to be the “magical orchestra” that accompanies Susanna. This little outfit -providers of music from rooms unvisited by any corporeality- released their second album this year too. “Melody Mountain” features a list of cover songs, some rather unlikely ones, like AC/DC’s “It’s a long way to the top of you want to rock and roll,” but the result came out all the more spellbinding, revealing the utmost beauty that rock tunes often keep concealed.
Susanna and the Magical Orchestra’s first release “List of lights and buoys” quietly, stunningly and somehow anxiously reverberated -from land to land and across the seas- and it was greeted with the finest words in the critics’ vocabulary, hinting at a sense of indefinable mystery, which the songs seemed to carry.

Supersilent is sometimes referred to as the flagship of RuneGrammofon and the band that epitomises everything that the label stands for; as an “active manifesto.”
First conceived as an unprepared experiment at the Bergen Jazz Festival in 1997, which entailed the musical meeting of the improvisational outfit Veslefrekk and that wizard of sounds uncanny Helge Sten, aka “Deathprod,” Supersilent was formed as a permanent outfit dedicated to profound and extensive experiments in improvisation and sound.
Their albums bear only numbers –a well known indication of supremacy- and are often the result of the careful editing of monstrous, ten-hour sessions.
Supersilent is indeed the quintessential materialization of an idea many subscribe to as the artistic aim itself, thus their following is dedicated to say the very least. Across the globe they have become favourites among the connoisseurs of connoisseurs, and they manage to probe deeply and universally, it seems, because their expression is so absolutely abstract and void of mainstream reference and cultural codes and keys. At the deepest levels there are open doors between all varieties of human culture and expression, and this is the level at which Supersilent belongs.

So the RuneGrammofon Tour 06 is beyond question a very special treat for lovers of jazz and all adherents of thoughtful music as such. The “Labelnights” kicked off on the 9th in Helsinki and will take the three bands across central Europe doing about ten shows, before rounding off in Brussels on December 8th.
Around the world people would give much to experience one of these shows, so don’t miss the occasion if you’re anywhere near a city on the list.

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