Superfamiliy’s Warszava.

Norway’s contribution to high-pitched engulfing pop is called Superfamily. Their second album Warszawa is due to be released on May 21. -Followed by a grand release party at Oslo’s Park Theatre Venue.


And grand extravaganza is this band’s insignia; their live shows tend to manifest as Les Miserables: smoke-ridden banner waving events with lots of noise and screaming and more than ample pathos. The thing is, they do this convincingly, for they have the music to match it. Their songs are layer cakes of synthesiser sheets, throbbing rhythm and screeching vocals, which broadcast the pointy melodies the way a storm would play on a comb.
Superfamily started out as a band with a clearly defined set of parameters. They knew what they wanted, and not least what they didn’t want. One of those things was jamming an exploring in de facto con-cert. For a while they seemed to fall short of their own formula. Despite their semi-intoxicating appearance, the songs did not prove up to standard, or so a least was the critical verdict upon the release of their first EP Champagne in 2003. Their long play debut come shortly afterwards and it had songs on it that were recognized as something special and which won lots of radio play. Live the band was streamlining their act, pumping up the volume and winning more and more fans. Not least as a result of the fervent frequency of shows. Still, the album itself, “Back to Paris” never really made it out of the margins and Superfamily was becoming a band that was bigger and more renowned than their recorded music seemed to vouch for.

But now the whole family have packed their enormous Winnebago and achieved a level of momentum that seems heard to stop. The preparations for their second album-release bear the traits of a big and thorough effort, with a superfluity of Superfamiliar things in pop cultural orbit and bags of buzz in ether and streets.
Bearing the title “Warszawa” the album, out on Propeller recordings, will be released on May 21st. Three days later a release party is scheduled and it is portrayed as a festival unto itself. But again they have the right to some pathos, for there is no denying that expectations for this party have already hit the ceiling. -As has those for the record, since some of the tracks have had record-long A-rotation on the radio.

So if you’re one for the high tones, and enjoy being engulfed in some very persistent music –for this is no inner-worldly or sylvan expression- Superfamily might be just your next favourite band.

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