Ore/Barrett/Holopainen/Vinjar/Winther/Ratkje/Wallin: Sinus Seduction

MICs Listen to Norway series continues with Ore/Barrett/Holopainen/Vinjar/Winther/Ratkje/Wallin: Sinus Seduction

Sinus seduction

This strong compilation of new electro-acoustic music draws vivid musical portraits of seven central contemporary composers: Cecilie Ore, Natasha Barrett, Risto Holopainen, Terje Winther, Maja Ratkje, Anders Vinjar and Rolf Wallin. The works featured on “Sinus Seduction” can be viewed in a number of ways. One mode of interpretation can be to associate the works with the strategy used by the composer to bring the bodily element back to the music in more or less recognisable forms. Several of the works on the compilation focus on the human voice and its wide range: from clearly discernible text fragments to wordless songs to a total de-composition. The vocal elements are employed to express interplay between contrasting structures, used as building blocks in the compositional material or to embellish on the wide soundscapes. Rich and varied, “Sinus Seduction” is a lasting documentation of current electro-acoustic exploration in Norway.

Ore/Barrett/Holopainen/Vinjar/Winther/Ratkje/Wallin: Sinus Seduction (Aurora – ACD 5018)

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