Photo: Werner Anderson

Womex 2010

With Elisabeth Vatn’s Piper on the Roof ensemble and Slagr playing high-profile shocases at the Womex expo in Copenhagen in late October, Norwaymade its mark on the international folk/world music scene’s key arena.

Following the relocation of Womex to Copenhagen last year, the event’s Nordic Club showcases have resulted in a stronger focus on Scandinavian acts. Last year saw Unni Løvlid and Johan Sara playing applauded sets while in 2010, vibrant acts Elisabeth Vatn’s Piper on the Roof Ensemble and Slagr defended the nation’s honors to great success.

In addition to the showcase acts, a 30-strong delegation of music industry execs, media and organization reps as well as performers attended a stand coordinated by Music Export Norway.

Prior to the event, MIC Norway talked to the two Norwegian showcase acts, read the exclusive interviews here:

- Vatn’s Piper on the Roof Ensemble

- Slagr

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