Festivals 2008

MICs festival calendar has seen an extensive update and now features over 300 Norwegian festivals.

Buktafestivalen, 2005: Publikum

These days every town in Norway with a sense of self esteem is hosting some kind of music festival within the very limited time frame of the Nordic summer.

July will see no less than 66 noteworthy festivals unfolding,, while August will see almost seventy.

This is seemingly excellent news for all parties:

Bands and artists can book extensive tours and make the summer their principal concert period, the culturally minded vacationer or tourist will not be short of input, for live music is resonating across the land throughout the summer, and the hot city dwellers will not be bored as all kinds of artists are coming to town..

Some are wondering, however, whether the demand for culture in the midst of sun and sea is not over-estimated, and that the number of festivals, which is still increasing, is not artificially high. Fairly big pop festivals only kilometres and days apart seem unsustainable in a thinly populated country where people are used to travelling to see their favourite acts. And even the influx of tourists cannot, one would think, create such a demand.

But for as long as it lasts one can now enjoy a diversity and intensity of festivals never before encountered in Norway. Both geographically and in terms of content the festivals are spreading out and reaching even the smallest of places.

MIC’s festival calendar offers a chronological overview of virtually all Norwegian festivals, ranging from tiny village-fests to major multi-day open-air extravaganzas.

Click here to begin your exploration of the unique Norwegian festival scene.

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