Noxagt head out on US tour

Hard-hitting noise outfit Noxagt head out on an extensive US tour this week.

Listen to excerpts from Noxagt's 2003 album 'Turning it down since 2001'
Listen to and download Noxagt releases here

Noxagt @ Charlies Bar (foto: Tor Erik Schrøder)

To date, Norwegian three piece Noxagt has released three acclaimed albums that have explored the grey area existing somewhere in between noise, avant-rock, free improv and contemporary composition. Fronted by bassist Kjetil D. Brandsdal and supported by drummer Lars Christian L. Kyvik and guitarist Anders Hana (who repladed viola player (!) Nils Erga), Noxagt prove that modern art-rock can contain as much energy as a tight-knit metal outfit, be as challenging as a piece of modern composition or offer the live presence of an telepathic improv collective. Noxagt can be challenging but also utterly revarding both in a live as well as a recorded format, offering something for the noise, art-rock or contemporary crowd. As Noxagt’s US label Load Record puts it: “Past titles have picked up fans in many of the musik camps of the 21st century world village including: jean jacketed metal hordes, ripped sweater wearing art fucks, and regular bricklayers like you. Be one of the many, be one of the proud but do not miss this bus.”

Noxagt’s discography includes albums ‘Turning it Down Since 2001’ (2003), ‘Iron Point’ (2004) and 2006’s self titled outing. Wrote Pitchforkmedia’s Marc Masters in his Oct. ’06 review: “Heavy with black rhythm yet shining with vivid noise, the track offers a nutshell of this daunting group's past and future, both of which remain blindingly bright.” (Read the full review here).

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