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11 Norwegian acts confirmed for Eurosonic ’12

120 Days, Team Me, Razika, Honningbarna and Katzenjammer are among the 11 Norwegian acts confirmed for next year’s Eurosonic Noorderslag in Groningen, NL.

Eurosonic Noorderslag in Groningen, Holland is one of Europe’s most important launch pads for putting new music into cross continental trajectories. For the upcoming festival in January the Dutch hosts have chosen acts of 120 Days, Team Me, Razika, Honningbarna and Katzenjammer’s caliber as well as six more bands to create a well thought-out cross section of Norway’s throbbing music scee.

As of early Dec ’11, 11 Norwegian acts have been confirmed to perform at the 2012 edition of Eurosonic:

- Honningbarna

- Team Me

- Hurra Torpedo

- Razika

- 120 Days

- Deathcrush

- Lemaitre

- Djerv

- 22

- Philco Fiction

- Katzenjammer

Eurosonic booker Robert Meijerink has followed the Norwegian music scene for several years. Says Meijerink on this year's booking:

- The Norwegian selection for Eurosonic Noorderslag 2012 is bursting with potential. The selection shows that Norway excels in many musical styles. Young musicians who are ready to convince the world of their qualities, he says in a comment.

With close to 3000 attendants, showcases from national and international talent and over 100 panels and meetings, EuroSonic Noorderslag serves as the prime discussion and network platform for the international music industry, focused towards European music, touring, festivals, the (live) music industry and media developments. Presenting 250 new and upcoming European bands in over 40 venues and stages in the inner city of Groningen, EuroSonic Noorderslag is the place for both industry and festival audience to see what acts will put themselves in the spotlights in 2011.

In 2010, Norway was chosen as the event’s country of focus, with 21 acts playing a number of high-profile showcases, leading to more than 80 festival gigs and 40 club gigs for the artists. In addition, several acts generated considerable press coverage and many secured agent representation.

A key element of EuroSonic is ETEP – the European Talent Exchange Program. This initiative aims at stimulating cross-European circulation of artists and bands on festival stages, on radio and in general media throughout Europe. ETEP ensures a EuroSonic presence by Europe’s key festival bookers, making the Groningen event one of the most valuable showcase arenas for aspiring artists.

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